Our Partner - Lift International

So Beauty Stuff are proud to partner with NGO Lift International (LIFT). 

Who are LIFT and what do they do?

LIFT has a mission to prosecute and prevent human trafficking by strengthening

justice systems. Assisting Law Enforcement, Public Prosecutors & NGOS by offering services ranging from legal support, field intelligence, forensics to victim and survivor care.

LIFT International has been working for Freedom through Justice for survivors of human trafficking since founding in 2011. Holding traffickers accountable and advocating for the rights of victims.

You can review the LIFT 2019 impact report here and learn more about their history on their website here.



 What does it mean to be a partner?

Being partners means we have a written agreement in place whereby So Beauty Stuff is committed to donating 10% of our annual profits directly to support LIFT’s engagement in the fight against human trafficking. In other words, every purchase you make from So Beauty Stuff is directly supporting LIFT and the incredible work they do.


Why did So Beauty Stuff choose to partner with LIFT?

There are so many charities doing amazing work, of course it was never going to be an easy task choosing which we would work to support. Once we learned more about LIFT, their work really resonated with us and it became clear that we had found our partner;

  • Ability to raise awareness of the horrific global exploitation of people
  • Supporting the continuation of the huge impact LIFT has on human trafficking (2019 Impact Report)
  • We agree with LIFTs values and feel they align with our own
  • Both LIFT and So Beauty Stuff were founded in New Zealand 


How else can I help LIFT?

You can donate money directly to LIFT via their website.