Do you promote products for money?

All opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated, any product I review, I have purchased myself.

Why are all of your reviews positive?

I love to rave about the products that I love. I don’t like to slate a brand or product, if I don’t like something because of my personal preference, then I simply won’t mention it. However if I have had a negative experience I believe could effect others, then I will be 100% honest about it.

Why did you name your blog So Beauty Stuff?

My initials are SO and I thought it was a nice way to subtly put my name into the title. Beauty stuff really encompasses makeup and all things related, it was a pretty lazy title to be honest, but I quite like it now.

How often do you post?

I post a new blog every Saturday.

Why did you start So Beauty Stuff?

Born and raised in England, it wasn’t until I moved to New Zealand in 2012 that I realised how easily accessible makeup was in the UK. In NZ prices are higher, availability is lower and a lot of brands are only available online, meaning you can’t swatch/colour match. I began turning to blogs and YouTube to research products before I bought them, and started to realise I had opinions, reviews, tips and advice that I’d like to share.