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Have You Tried the Glitter Bomb?

Too Faced released the Glitter Bomb palette last year, a collection of beautiful glitter shadows in a compact palette. I finally picked it up in the Mecca sale recently, so let’s take a closer look at it.

My initial impression of this palette comes from the cleverly designed packaging. The word ‘Glitter’ is cut out of the lid, and each letter contains a different colour of glitter that move around. It’s so unique and really goes well with the Glitter Bomb theme.

Glitter Bomb

When you open up the palette you are met with 6 gorgeous glitter shades; there is a variety of shades from pink, gold and blue, yet all of them are very wearable colours.

While the shadows are beautiful, they are not what I would expect from a glitter palette. Described on the Too Faced Website as ‘8 sparkly prismatic shades’, they don’t have the texture you would usually find in a pressed glitter.

When swatched side-by-side with a regular Too Faced shimmer shadow these glitter shades definitely pack more of a punch. So while they don’t necessarily have the finish I thought they would, I do consider them more of a glitter than a shimmer.

Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb

On either side of the glitters are two matte shadows, a black and a white base; the white is a brightening base and the black is an intensifying base. The purpose of these is to adjust the finish of the glitters. You can also use a dampened brush or Glitter Glue to add more intensity to the finish of the glitter shades.

I created an eye look with the glitter shade ‘Work It’ using the black base on one eye and the white base on the other. I definitely agree that the white base is brightening. it adds a nice clean base for you to apply colour.

The black base does not apply particularly evenly; as I apply the glitter over the top the finish was quite patchy because I could see areas of the black shadow showing through. Personally I think a wet brush or using a Glitter Glue base gives the most intense finish.

Glitter Bomb
Glitter Bomb
Glitter Bomb

So what’s my verdict on this palette? While they aren’t the pressed glitter I was expecting, they have a very beautiful finish and a lovely colour selection that I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use from. I think the white and black base are a great theory but didn’t wow me; however I do like the option, and will continue to experiment.

Glitter Bomb Video

See The Glitter Bomb palette in action in this weeks video.

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