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3 Makeup Bags for Artists Who Travel! My Kit Co

Late last year I took my freelance kit overseas to do makeup for a wedding. I discovered three kit bags that store my products in an organised and practical way and made transporting my makeup easy, safe and secure.

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any brands or products. When I find products I love, I want to share those on my blog. So please know that all of these opinions are my own and this is not and advert of any kind. 

My Kit Co is a relatively young company, founded by makeup artist James Molloy and his partner Alex in 2015. James has been a makeup artist for over 15 years and was Director of Artistry for MAC. Since launching with a range of professional quality makeup brushes, My Kit Co has expended into a range of innovative makeup artist accessories. 

If you are a makeup artist, you can apply for a pro-discount with My Kit Co, or if you are based in New Zealand, The Makeup Collective stock My Kit Co, and they also offer a Pro Discount.

My Kit Co - My Duffel Buddy

My Kit Duffel

 $39.70 NZD | £18.00 GBP
This was my first item from My Kit Co. This duffel bag holds so many products, sits flat on the table, then draws closed.  It’s durable and strong, and a great way to transport my skin care.

My Kit Co - My Brush Buddy

My Brush Buddy

$60.60 NZD | £32.50 GBP
This brush carrier has saved me a lot of space in my kit. I usually carry my brushes in my belt, a cup to sand them in and a container to place my dirty brushes in. This holder does all three jobs for me, and it has a zip top so my brushes can’t slide out.

My Kit Co - My Travel Buddy

My Kit Buddy / My Travel Buddy

 $128.70 NZD | £69.00 GBP
This is the perfect case for carrying your kit essentials on the go. It’s small enough to use as carry on if you are going overseas. The side pockets hold any of your larger palettes, inside are two large mesh pockets and two velcro detachable clear zip compartments. All of these bags feel well made, strong and easy to clean.

I store all of my liquids and creams in the detachable pouches, so I can safely pack them into my checked baggage when going on a plane and create extra space in the main bag to store my brushes.

My Kit Co Review

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