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10 Beautiful Marble Brushes You Need – XO Beauty

When one of my favourite NZ beauty brands releases limited edition brushes that are this pretty you know that it’s hard for me to resist. I’m going to give you my honest opinion on the XO Beauty 10 Piece Marble Brush Set.

Prior to purchasing this set, I had 2 XO Beauty brushes; the Flat Face Brush and the Tapered Face Brush; I really love those brushes, and one even made it into my Top 3 Kabuki Brushes (post link). XO Beauty offer various sets, from 9 piece to 12 piece, in the standard black handle design, tortoiseshell and white/rose gold. The brushes in each of the sets varies.

XO Beauty Marble Brushes

XO Beauty Marble Brushes

At the end of November 2017 over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend XO Beauty Shop posted a photo of the Limited Edition 10 piece Marble Brush Set. The set sells for $160 (NZD) but with a Cyber Monday discount code they were available for $128. I snapped them up with an impulse buy.

XO Beauty Marble Brushes
XO Beauty Marble Brushes

Design wise these brush handles are taller than the standard black XO Beauty Brushes, and they have a gloss finish rather than matte. Obviously they have a marble pattern on them, with very natural slight grey colouring.

I’ll start with my only negative of these brushes; the white bristles are pretty but look very dirty as soon as they are used. Of course this isn’t a huge deal, as it is after all what they are for, but they white bristles will show every drop of makeup. That being said, they brushes are made very well and the brush heads clean up beautifully.

XO Beauty Marble Brushes
XO Beauty Marble Brushes

The marble set are synthetic and hand made in Italy. I love the selection of brushes, there are some unusual styles that I don’t see in other brush sets. The set contains:

– Shimmer Fan Brush

– Face Definer Brush

– Medium Face Brush

– Round Face Brush

– Small Face Brush

– Round Eye Brush

– Tulip Crease Brush

– Fluffy Blender Brush

– Eyeshadow Brush

– Winged Liner Brush

You can see how I use each of these brushes in my video.

XO Beauty Marble Brushes

XO Beauty Marble Brush Video

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