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5 Items You Need in Your Pro Makeup Artist Kit!

It’s key as a makeup artist to build a kit that is practical, diverse and if you’re freelancing, portable. This week I give you all the tips I have learned along the way about which products you need in your kit!

makeup artist kit

1. Hand Sanitiser

This is a basic one, but very very important staple in your kit! You should always wash your hands before and after each client, but you also need hand sanitiser. As well as adding extra sanitation, you can apply hand sanitiser in front of your client to provide them with peace of mind.

makeup artist kit

2. Tall Chair

When you are standing up and leaning over each client for 30-60 minutes it can get really tough on your back. Investing in a tall chair relieves that strain and makes for a more comfortable experience. I use the Wendy Hill Folding Directors Chair.

makeup artist kitmakeup artist kit

3. Palettes

If you want to expand your kit to hold the widest shade range, without it getting out of control, palettes are your best friend. Foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, all of them come in palette form. Some of my favourite picks from my kit are the RCMA VK11 Foundation and Concealer palette (you can read my review here) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette (you can read my full review here).

makeup artist kit

4. Spatula & Pan

Keeping your kit sanitary is the number one rule of makeup artistry. When you have cream or liquid products, you must decant the product; you can do this by pouring liquids out, or scraping cream products out with the spatula.

Having a stainless steel mixing palette also means you can easily wipe clean between products and sanitise it between clients. I use this set from the Makeup Collective.

makeup artist kit

5. Clear PVC Pouches

There are so many options for kit storage, but one of the most practical solutions are clear PVC pouches. These pouches allow you to organise your kit in a way that works best for you and easily see everything at a glance. You can carry these pouches in a suitcase or duffle bag as a cost effective option. I got these really affordable pouches from AliExpress.

What’s in my Freelance Makeup Artist Kit

If you want to take a look in my own professional makeuo artist kit, check out this weeks video. You can also watch my ‘What’s in my Freelance MUA Starter Kit?’ video from last year. 

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