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22 Eyebrow Shades – The Brow Pro Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills are real innovators in the beauty industry, particularly when it comes to brows. Naturally the brow pro palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a product couldn’t wait to add to my kit. Keep reading to check out my review.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow Palette

The Brow Pro palette is quite literally a little black book of brow shades. A lot of ‘pro’ products out there can be enjoyed by any beauty lover. However this pro palette would be far too excessive for anybody who isn’t a makeup artist.

You get 12 pans; 1 primer and 11 shades. Personally I’m not a fan of having a cream product uncovered in the same palette as a powders. Creams are tricky to keep sanitary in any case, but in a palette like this ultimately it will end up covered in powder! The great thing about the Brow Pro palette is the pans are removable, so I can take out the primer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow Palette

The colour selection is excellent, with blondes, ashy tones, warm and cool toned browns, auburn and black, there is something for almost anyone. Each shade pan is actually a duo, so you are getting two colours. Much like contouring, you can add depth and dimension to the brow by combining both shades.

While the pans are removable I can’t seem to find refills for sale. You can buy individual brow duos, which hold the exact same amount of product (2 x 0.8g), but the pans are not removable. I do find this really frustrating, and I hope that ABH will release Brow Pro refills in the future.

That being said, the individuals brow duos are $23 USD each and the Brow Pro palette is $88 USD for 11 shades and a primer; making the Brow Pro palette an excellent bargain at less than $8 per pan!

ABH Brow Pro Review


It’s no surprise to me that these powders are fantastic quality. With a short angled brush you can achieve really precise defined lines. At the same time I can easily achieve a seamlessly blended natural looking brow.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow Palette



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