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Come Backstage with Me at the VNZMAs 2017!

I worked with Maybelline backstage at the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my night!

IN 2017 Maybelline are, once again, sponsors of the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMAs). This means Maybelline make all of your favourite New Zealand stars look great on stage.

As one of the artists working with Maybelline on the big day, the excitement started two days before the show. I met with the gorgeous team of artists and the Maybelline team to collect my kit and schedule. My kit contained a gorgeous array of Maybelline products; foundations, eyeshadows, makeup brushes, the whole works!

Fast forward to VNZMAs day, I arrived at the arena a few hours before the show started. Having only ever attended Spark Arena as an audience member, it was a fun experience to walk the corridors behind the scenes. Set up in the hair and makeup rooms were Maybelline makeup stations one side and Redken hair stations the other. As soon as I unpacked my kit I had my first face to work on.

After a few hours of hair and makeup madness there was a real calm before the storm moment, where all the crew, presenters and artists had hair and makeup done, and were busy walking the red carpet or doing last minute preparations. At this point, I was taken to the stage side with another makeup artist and a hairstylsit, where we spent the duration of the show. Our job here was to touch up hair and makeup of any artists or presenters before the went on stage to make sure they were camera ready


I’ve never posted a vlog before, but I thought this would be a good place to start. I don’t have any footage of makeup being applied, because I was being paid to work not vlog, but I’ve got some cool shots of the experience.

Overall the VNZMAs was such an amazing experience, I loved getting an insight into this part of the industry. Not to mention getting to watch the show at such close proximity while getting to work on some big NZ talent.
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