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MAC Snowball Mini Lipstick Set | Christmas 2017 Collection

Every year MAC releases a limited edition collection for Christmas. This year Snowball is the name of their holiday release. A mixture of gold, rose gold and silver with all things glitter and snowflakes. As soon as I laid my eyes on the collection I was instantly drawn to the 12 piece mini lipstick set; the limited edition packaging, the cute display box, the impressive array of favourite MAC shades. What’s not to love?

Let’s take a closer look and do some swatches…

Snowball Mini Lipsticks MACSnowball Mini Lipsticks MAC
There is a bit of a story behind how I ended up being the proud owner of such a highly sought after limited edition item from MAC. I was away in Sydney, and spotted the Snowball lipstick set in MAC. For some reason decided I would wait until I arrived back in Auckland to buy it.

I arrived home on the Sunday night, and contacted MAC Pro store on the Monday to place my order. Sadly I was told that it was launch day in New Zealand, but they had already sold out completely of the lipstick set. Disappointed, I was kicking myself for not buying it in Sydney.

Tuesday morning I received a phone call from my new favourite MAC employee saying they had discovered four extra lipstick sets in head office. Because of my enquiry she thought of me right away, and asked if I still want it! Needless to say, I was handing over my card details moments later, and the next day the lipsticks arrived safely at my door.
Snowball Mini Lipsticks MAC

Snowball Mini Lipsticks MAC
Not only is the Snowball mini lipstick set beautifully presented, it’s actually fantastic value. With shipping I paid $184.40 for the set, working out at $15.36 per 1.8g mini lipstick. A full sized 3g MAC lipstick is almost double the size and costs $40. Using the same price per gram as a full size MAC lipstick, the Snowball mini lipstick set has $287.93 worth of product!


Full Size MAC Lipstick

MAC Snowball Mini Lipstick Set

Price (NZD) $



Product in Grams


21.6g (12 x 1.8g)

Price per Gram (NZD) $



As a random side note, my mini Velvet Teddy doesn’t have the MAC logo on the bottle neck like all the others. I don’t think this is deliberate.

Snowball Mini Lipsticks MAC

Snowball Mini Lipstick Swatches

Now down to the shades; of course I have swatched them all for you in this weeks video:

Snowball Mini Lipstick Swatches MAC
As I mentioned earlier, this set did sell out pretty quick in my local store, so act fast if you are looking to buy this set. You can read more on the MAC website here.

Have you picked up anything from the MAC Snowball Collection? 

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