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Can a $25 DIY Brow Tattoo Really Work?

That’s right folks, makeup science has created an at home brow tattoo, in the form of Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint. I know, a gel tint isn’t quite the same thing as a tattoo… so what does it actually do? Keep reading to find out! Maybelline Brow Tatto Gel Tint This little tube contains a thick consistency paste, that you quite literally paint onto your brows. The brush is not dissimilar to a nail polish wand, except a little more tapered. As you paint it on, you can apply fairly lightly, or build it up to get a real thick coat. It’s available in 4 shades, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Medium Light and Grey. The 5 ingredients are: Royal Jelly, Caffeine,Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera. No nasty irritants or chemical dyes in here, meaning it’s safe around the eye area, even for sensitive eyes.

First Impression

Before I go any further, I’m going to drop in my first impressions video here. My opinion has changed since using it more, so I’ll give you my thoughts below. Application My only problem with the Brow Tatoo is the lack of any real instructions. Considering it is quite innovative and there is nothing else like it out there (as far as I am aware?!) I would have appreciated more guidance. The box states: 1. Apply it 2. Let it dry at least 20 minutes 3. Peel it Maybelline Brow Tatto Gel Tint You have to peel the product off, so logically you need a fairly thick even coat. However it can be daunting at first, I wish the instructions encouraged you to apply liberally. In my experience it does not stain the skin, only hairs, so you don’t have to stress too much about being super neat in your application. Again, I wish it said this in the instructions. If you are concerned about this, I have run a cotton tip around the brow to clean it up once I’m done. Secondly, as you saw in my video, I left the Brow Tatoo in for 20 minutes to start with. While the packaging said ‘at least 20 minutes’ I wasn’t sure how much longer I could leave it in. On the Maybelline website it says to leave between 20 minutes and 2 hours! That’s a huge time difference. In contrast to the video above, here are the results of leaving the product in for 1 hour: Maybelline Brow Tatto Gel Tint


Besides my frustration with the lack of instructions, I love this product! As you can see, when I leave the Brow Tattoo gel in for an hour, I get really dramatic results! In my experience it lasts in my brows for at least 3 days. With a full face of makeup I can get away with not adding anything else into my brows, or I can just touching up my arch with a pencil. If you are going on holiday and don’t want to stress about wearing makeup, I highly recommend applying this before you go. Likewise, if you have a big occasion coming up, and you want your makeup to stay all day, this is a great option for your brows. You can buy Maybelline all over the place here in NZ, but the cheapest place I found Brow Tattoo was at The Warehouse for $22.00. SO Beauty Stuff



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