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Honest Review: Are the Vanity Planet Brush Set Worth the Hype?!

I see adverts for Vanity planet regularly on Social Media with huge discounts. The affordable price is so tempting, but are the products any good?  Keep reading to find out my thoughts.

Vanity Planet Brush Set

Firstly, of anybody who doesn’t understand the affiliate link side of things, let me explain how it works for this particular brand. Vanity Planet reached out to me and offered me a product of my choice from their range. I would review/promote the product and be given a link. The link gives 70% discount to my followers, and I earn a small commission from the sale.

I decided I have nothing to lose, if the product is rubbish, I can tell my followers the truth; if they are good, I can recommend a really affordable brush set option!  The Vanity Planet offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they are cruelty free; which does make trying out their products seem a little less risky! 

I’m going to give an overall review of the set, and then break it down by each individual brush, if you want to know the finer detail.

Vanity Planet Brush Set

The brush roll is surprisingly good quality; it’s definitely not leather,  but it feels sturdy and looks nice. The brushes themselves have a really lightweight wood look handle.  Aesthetically I think the brush set looks great.

The brushes are soft to the touch and do a good job at applying makeup; I like some less than others (which I’ll go into below) but overall I’d say it’s a nice set. I definitely wouldn’t pay full price; if you are going to spend that kind of money, I would invest in a better quality brand. However, the discounted price is a very fair price for this set.

Would I recommend this as a professional set? No. However if you are looking for a travel set, or if you are just getting into makeup and need a basic range of brushes at an affordable price, then I would recommend. There are a few brushes in this set I will be adding to my personal collection.

Vanity Planet Brush Set

Kabuki Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set


Kabuki brushes like this are usually really good for using with mineral powders. I don’t wear a mineral powders, so I used this brush as an all over bronzer brush. It did a good job, the bristles were soft and I have no complaints about this brush.

Powder/Blush Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set


I really liked this brush as a powder brush, I used this to set powder all over my face. I also used it to apply my blush, and it did a good job, but I personally would prefer something more tapered. Personally I wouldn’t always use the same brush to do powder and blush, as I could end up with blush all over my face.

Flat Top Stippling Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set


I have to be honest, this brush is not for me. I prefer a foundation brush to be a lot denser, and I prefer my stippling brushes to be less dense. Personally I don’t have a use for it. This brush is ok for a sheer application of foundation, but I found it hard to blend in the areas around my nose.

Angled Contour Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set


This is the style of contour brush I already use, so I am a fan. It is slightly less dense than my Sigma brush, but for the price it is a pretty decent brush. I use this to get a really soft natural contour. If you prefer more definition, you’d be better with something with shorter, denser bristles.

Liquid Foundation Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set


I really like this brush, it does exactly what it says. I am a fan of using a paddle brush to apply liquid foundation evenly to my skin, and then I’ll blend with something else. The bristles where really easy to clean because they didn’t soak in any product.

Large Fan Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

Another brush I am a fan of (pun totally intended…). Generally I use a small tapered brush to apply highlighter, however I do enjoy a fan brush for a more natural finish. The bristles are just the right density and would also work well for dusting away excess powder from baking etc.

Concealer Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

Much like the liquid foundation brush, this small paddle concealer does just what it says it will. It’s great for applying product evenly to the skin in those smaller areas, but I would use something else to blend.

Medium Blender Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

This is a nice size and shape for blending, and applied product really nicely. Personally I find it scratchy on my lids when I am doing any kind of sweeping motion. For this reason I can’t recommend it for use on clients, but if you don’t have sensitive lids, you may be ok with it.

Smudging Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

This brush is a bit strange, it’s got quite pointed bristles for a smudge brush; I am used to something a bit softer and more densely packed. That being said, I am able to get quite good definition under my lower lash line and smudge it out if I want to.

Crease Shader Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

This brush is essentially a smaller version of the medium blender brush; and of course great for more precise application. Unfortunately it’s the same story for me; the bristles are scratchy when I blend.

Large Domed Shader Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

The brush head is very similar to the concealer brush. It works really nicely for packing on colour to the lid, and I don’t have any problems with this brush.

Precision Concealer Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

I’m glad this brush is included in the set; it’s essentially a smaller version of the other concealer brush. This one is great for really fine details, such as tidying up your brows or carving out a cut crease.

Rounded Liner Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

The name throws me off with this brush; I wouldn’t use this for liner. However it is a great size and shape to apply precise shadow, such as inner corner or highlighting your brow bone.

Angled Lining Brush

Vanity Planet Brush Set

Personally this brush is too big for precise liner, however it works really nicely as a brow powder brush.There isn’t a spooly/brow brush in this set, so I recommend sticking to powders over pomades.

Lip Liner Brush with Cap

Vanity Planet Brush Set Vanity Planet Brush Set  

The brush head is very similar to the rounded liner brush; personally I prefer a finer brush than this for lips. If you don’t have time to clean your lip brush after use, the cap is such a great idea. However, if you were using this set professionally, I would be very cautious of using the cap, as I’m not sure how easy it would be to clean the inside.

Vanity Planet Brush First Impressions Video

If after reading/watching you have decided you would like to purchase this set, here is the affiliate discount link (it will take you to a page with my video on, but at the bottom you will see the link to the brushes):
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