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RCMA Foundation & Concealer Palette

As a makeup artist it is hard work tracking down products that tick the boxes of great quality, a versatile range of shades and compact enough for easy portability. The RCMA foundation/concealer palette promises to tick all of these boxes. So does it live up to it’s claims? Keep reading to find out! RCMA stands for The Research Council of Makeup Artists; I don’t know about you, but this brand name gives me an image of some mad scientists pouring various makeup formulas between test tubes. That being said, customers do get a great insight of products with the facts and information RCMA provides.

RCMA Foundation Palette

Color Process

Confused by what ‘colour process’ means? No worries, RCMA explain on their website: “[The foundation] is manufactured under very stringent, small batch conditions where the ingredients are weighed out to the gram to maintain both consistency and color standards exactly”. Personally I have never re-bought my favourite foundation/concealer and noticed the shade being different; however I appreciate this could be possible in mass production.

RCMA Foundation Palette


RCMA don’t leave us hanging here either: “[The foundation] contains only vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colors. It does NOT contain any perfume, lanolin, petrolatum or mineral oil- the first two have caused allergenic reactions on some skins and the last two are not absorbed by the skin so remain to cause excess oiliness on the surface.  Note that theatrical foundations contain mineral oil or petrolatum, as a major ingredient” RCMA spell out to us precisely what makes up their product, and exactly which  possible allergen ingredients they have omitted and why.

RCMA Foundation Palette


What sets apart the RCMA formula from your standard foundations? “They are all made with at least 50% pigments to waxes and oils so that a very little goes a long way on the skin and produces as “skin color” rather than a heavy coat of make-up. Most commercial liquid foundations have a ratio of about 18 to 23 percent of pigment to the liquid and, in general, theatrical foundations normally run between 30 to 35 percent of pigments to waxes and oils.”

RCMA Foundation Palette

Colour Range

With 18 shades in this palette, you have a wide variety of shades, but you can also mix and match to make your own custom selection. As well as the VK11 palette, there is also a VK10 palette which has a lot more deeper shades. The shade names are a little unusual, but they are broken down into the following tones:
  • SH (Shinto) – A selection of light to deep shades created for fair to medium skin tones.
  • KO – A collection of light to medium hues developed for light to fair skin tones.
  • KA – Five light hues designed for porcelain to fair skin tones.
  • OL (Olive) – A selection of warm hues designed for olive skin tones.
  • KT – A collection of deep hues with red undertones for deep skin tones.
So in this palette you are getting a selection of the most ‘common’ fair to medium and olive skin tones, two contour shades. The four colours Porcelain, Ivory, Gena Beige and Tan Tone appear to be more pink toned, and I’m not sure why they don’t fall under the naming convention. RCMA Foundation Palette

2 in 1 – Foundation & Concealer

Is it really possible for a foundation to double up as a concealer? RCMA claims: “Due to our high pigmentation,you can use RCMA as a foundation or concealer.”. Personally I have found the formula extremely easy to build up and it does not get cakey at all. Because of the shade range, you can also colour correct to some degree as well. RCMA Foundation Palette

RCMA First Impression

Still not convinced? Check out my first impression video, including ‘check in’ updates for over 12 hours of wear!

Thank you so much for reading & watching, I hope this review has been helpful for you. SO Beauty Stuff



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