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The Perfect Lighting for Makeup | Glamcor Lamp

Whether you are working as a makeup artist, photographing your makeup or filming makeup tutorials, natural even lighting is key to perfecting your look. I have bought a lamp for my kit and I’m excited to share it with you. Keep reading to find out more!

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advert or sponsorship, I am in no way affiliated with Glamcor – I have bought a product I love, that has really enhanced my kit, and I want to share it with you.

Glamcor Classic Revolution

When applying makeup on clients, relying on even, natural lighting can be a challenge. Particularly as a part time freelancer, the location and time of day I work can vary massively.

I am also keen to improve the quality of my YouTube videos and blog photography.  So I decided that now is time for me to invest in a lamp; so long it is was able to meet my multipurpose requirements.

Glamcor Classic Revolution

Initially I intended on buying a ring light, and there are so many option out there, but then I came across Glamcor. They have a range of lamps and lighting specifically for use in the beauty industry. 

The lamp I wanted was the Classic Elite 2, however I found the Glamcor Classic Revolution in a clearance sale for almost $100 cheaper. The Classic Revolution is designed for use over treatment beds (e.g. perfect for brow feathering, facials etc) but is essentially exactly the same as the Classic Elite, but with different length lamp arms. 

Glamcor Classic Revolution

Both the Glamcor Classic Revolution & Elite 2 lamps have crisp 5,600K HD daylight lighting. The LED lamps do not get hot, meaning no ‘cool down’ period before packing away. The lamp is completely adjustable with flexible lamp arms, 360 degree rotating lamp heads and a telescopic tripod. It’s also designed to be portable, packs down into a carry case that straps on to your makeup trolley, and only weighs 2kgs.

I can easily adjust my Glamcor lamp to be face height to clients in my makeup chair, or for when I’m recording YouTube videos. I can also angle it to photograph flat lays for my blog. It’s perfect for my needs, and I couldn’t be happier.

Glamcor Light Unboxing, Demo & Review


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