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Naked Heat – The Ultimate Warm Eyeshadow Palette?

The Naked Heat palette is the latest in the the Urban Decay Naked palette series. Let’s take a closer look and see what it has to offer. Each naked palette from Urban Decay has a different style. The original Naked palette has a very unique felt textured magnetic lid, and had an array of neutral colours. The Naked 2 has tinned packaging, and a similar colour selection, but with warmer tones. Naked 3 has similar packaging, but offers a lot of pink toned shades. Next came the Naked Smokey; packaged in a sturdy plastic clip close case. As the name suggests, it offers a lot of cool smokey brown and grey tones. Now comes the Naked Heat… Urban Decay Naked Heat Urban Decay Naked Heat When you remove the palette from the box, the tray is adorned with photos of matches. They are aligned from barely burned through to completely scorched. This is definitely hinting at what is to come with the shade arrangement inside the palette. This theme is cleverly carried through in the way the box opens, with the tray sliding out, matchbox style. The Naked Heat case is similar to the Naked Smokey palette; a solid plastic housing that clips shut. Β The pattern on the lid looks like a blurred fire burning… and ongoing fiery feel. Urban Decay Naked Heat Looking inside the Naked Heat palette you are met with a stunning array of warm hues. The first quad of colours offer a very light neutral selection; perfect for a very natural look, or to use as your transition and highlight colours. The next four shades have some real peachy-orange undertones, which are possibly my favourite shadows in the palette! These are great ‘all over the lid’ colours. Finally you come to the last four shadows, the ‘deep’ shades; a brown, red, plum-brown and a shimmer brown. These shades are great for adding depth to your eye look, or using as an eyeliner. Urban Decay Naked Heat Β  I definitely think the shadows in the Naked Heat palette are consistent with the quality of the other Naked palettes. These are my favourite kind of shades to wear, warm brown and red tones, so for me this palette is an absolute winner. I will say that you have to be careful with these colours, particularly on really fair skin. Blending out red toned shadows can end up looking like you’ve got really sore eyes. To avoid this, my advice is to also wear eyeliner. This will define the outline of your eye and put a barrier between eye and shadow. Urban Decay Naked Heat

Naked Heat Tutorial

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and review, let me know what your thoughts are on the Naked Heat palette. SO Beauty Stuff



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