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Have you ever wondered if the eyebrow stamp from the viral adverts really work? Well wonder no more, because I have tried and tested them for your viewing pleasure! Find out how it went, keep reading!

Eyebrow Stamp

Eyebrow Stamp

The description of the product says “Long-lasting, Easy to Wear, Natural” which is the main draw card for the product. Imagine being able to shrink your eyebrow routine to a single stamp! Agreed, it does sound too good to be true…

Eyebrow Stamp

Honestly, I set my expectations pretty low. I don’t know how a single stamp will universally work for all brows.

Also, I paid $2 (plus $2 shipping) for these stamps from I placed my order on 5th June and it arrived sometime in the first week of July while I was on holiday; for $2 shipping, that’s not bad.

Eyebrow Stamp

The Eyebrow Stamp Test

The Results

Unfortunately this product is really not for me! If you dip into the powder and press onto your brows, so little product it deposited. If you ‘wiggle’ or move the applicator, it smudges everywhere. I also found that the shape was completely wrong, and I ended up getting a ‘tail’ to the right of my eyebrow.

You can make this work by essentially making a huge mess, then cleaning it up with concealer… which takes a lot of time and effort and defeats the purpose of this product.

Eyebrow Stamp

Thank you for reading/watching, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Lena
    August 28, 2017

    I’ve been wondering about these! Good to know I should steer clear