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Easy Hygiene Tips: How to Clean and Sanitise your MUA Kit

Keeping your MUA kit clean and sanitary is so important as a makeup artist. As well as basic cleaning between clients it’s good practise to regularly ‘deep clean’. This week I share all of my tips for keeping your MUA kit hygienic!


There are thousands of tutorials out there on how to clean your makeup brushes, and that’s an absolute must as an MUA. However, you should also take the time to wipe down the brush ferrule and handle with some antibacterial spray. Clean MUA Kit

Brush Belt

Remove all of the brushes, and wipe down the entire belt with antibacterial spray. Be aware of the spray you are using and if it is safe to use on your belt material.  

Kit Case

Empty every last item from your case, and give the whole thing a real scrub down. Depending on the material, this could be done with warm soapy water, or antibacterial spray and some paper towels. You may want to take pictures first so you can remember where everything goes! Clean MUA Kit Clean MUA Kit

Kit Contents

All of the stuff you remove from the case… well that needs cleaning too! I use antibacterial spray on a paper towel and wipe every item. Any item that you touch needs to be cleaned!  

Sanitise Powder Products

For this you can use Isopropyl; otherwise known as 70% alcohol. This kills germs and evaporates fast, so is perfect for cleaning makeup. Be careful not to add too much moisture to your products, if possible use a mist spray bottle. Spritz a fine even amount over your powder products and leave to air dry. If you do use a little too much, you can gently press some tissue to soak up any excess. Clean MUA Kit

Clean MUA Kit

Clean Out Old Products

Always keep track of the shelf life of your makeup products, make sure nothing is past the recommended use by. Also throw away any products that are aren’t performing the way they used too.  

De-Clutter & Reorganise

Make sure your ‘every-time’ products are easily accessible. Put your lipsticks in colour order. Anything that will make your kit more user friendly. Also, that crazy bright eye shadow palette you’ve only used once probably doesn’t need to be carried to every single job.  

Video Demo – Cleaning Your MUA Kit

Thank you for reading and watching, I hope you can use these tips for your own makeup kit! SO Beauty Stuff



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