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5 Cheek Powders in 1 Palette: Benefit Cheek Parade

Benefits latest palette offering, the limited edition Cheek Parade is here! Find out more about it, keep reading… Benefit Cheek Parade Benefit Cheek Parade You get five full sized cheek powders in this palette. I bought this while I was in the UK (£49.50), and it cost less than two single powders (£24.50 each). Bargain! Cheek Parade contains two of Benefits latest powders; Hoola Lite and Galifornia. Hoola Lite is a cooler toned version of the Benefit cult favourite bronzer Hoola; which also comes in this palette. Galifornia is a stunning shimmery gold peach-pink blush. The other powders are Dandelion, a subtle light pink brightening finishing powder. You also get Rockatuer; a gorgeous rose gold blush. Benefit Cheek Parade Benefit Cheek Parade The two blush powders, Galifornia and Rockatuer, have a gold shimmer finish. After a few uses, this ‘shimmer coating’ wipes away. There is some of this shimmer running through the remainder of the powder; but it is not as intense. I know it’s not for everyone, but personally I really like the shimmer. Either way, after the first few uses of these powders you will have a very different finish. Benefit Cheek Parade For anybody that has found Hoola to be too warm for their skin tone, Hoola Lite is a great alternative. It is a much cooler tone and offers a very natural contour on fair skin. There has been a bit of controversy online about this palette. Some people have been able to remove the ‘Cheek Parade’ label on the front of the box to reveal the name ‘Cheek-a-Boom’. Personally, It’s a non-issue for me… I don’t see a problem with Benefit using a sticker if they have changed the name of the palette. Benefit Cheek Parade

Benefit Cheek Parade Try on & Review

Overall I definitely recommend this palette, especially if you are in the market for some new face powders. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, thank you for reading. SO Beauty Stuff



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