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3D SILICONE BEAUTY BLENDER?! First Impression of the New Glamour Blender

First there was the Beauty Blender, then there was the silisponge, now there is a silicone blender! The Glamour Blender by Simple Glam Girls is sold as a revolutionary new way to apply your foundation… but does it work? Keep reading to find out! Silicone Blender So what is a 3D Glamour Blender and where did it come from? This product is from Simple Glam Girls, who originally released their own silicone sponge (or silisponge). Apparently their in-house designer was so used to the conventional blender shape, decided to develop a 3D silicone blender shaped just like her usual conical-shaped blender. While this sounds like a completely unique idea, I have seen a few variations of this product online (,, So what does this product claim to do? Here is a quote from Simple Glam Girls press release.

GLAMOUR BLENDER is a 3D revolutionary silicone blender that is shaped to blend effortlessly. The surface of the blender is designed to be smooth to allow you to tap & blend easily. Its 3D water droplet shape allows maximum 360 degrees surface area for blending. In addition, GLAMOUR BLENDER is made with a soft & flexible silicone which allow you to maneuver the tip of the water droplet to blend even the smallest, most obscure corner! Needless to say, owning a GLAMOUR BLENDER means you only need 1 blender for the rest of your life as it is reusable, clean & hygienic! All our silicone material are made with SGS certified silicone which means that they are 100% safe to be used! “
Silicone Blender Naturally, when I heard about this I thought if this product really can do what it claims, it will be a total game changer! The set of two blenders come in a cute plastic love heart container, they fit snugly, but the lid pops off if they aren’t placed at an exact position. If you intend to carry these blenders around in a makeup bag, I would advise storing them in something else. Silicone Blender This blender is almost half the size of a standard dry beauty blender when dry. Obviously a dampened beauty blender expands significantly when wet, making this blender a lot smaller. I did notice that it took a lot longer to cover the surface of my face with a smaller applicator. This isn’t a huge disadvantage, but something to keep in mind. Silicone Blender Where the silicone blender delivers, is that it does not absorb any product. However, unfortunately that is where the positives end. When ‘tapping and blending’ foundation, it becomes quite tacky and can pull at my skin. There is a small seem around the widest part of the teardrop, that can impress a line into your foundation. Obviously, that does not give a flawless finish! Probably the biggest disappointment for me is that it actually doesn’t blend very well at all. The foundation looked veery cakey on my skin and collected around my pores, making them appear very large.

Silicone Blender First Impression Video

If you want to see this silicone blender in action, check out my first impression video:

Sadly this ‘innovative product’ simply does not work for me, and I cannot recommend it. Let me know your experience with silicone blenders! SO Beauty Stuff



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