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Do Morphe Palettes Live Up to the Hype?

Morphe are such a well known cosmetics brand that are renowned for their affordable prices. The brand is very heavily supported by the online beauty community, and I have struggled to find any negative reviews. After using their palettes for several months, I can tell you if they truly live up to the hype. Morphe Palette Review

Brow 8

The six powders work really well; there are lots of shades and tones to match a huge variety of hair colours. The powders sit really nicely in the brows. The wax and concealer are ok, but as they are uncovered the powder fallout sticks in them. I also find it unusual that a variety of brow powders would have a single shade of concealer. Morphe Palette Review

Morphe 9C

The formula of these powders leaves quite a lot of texture on this skin. For that reason I find the brightening shades unusable for the under-eye area. The contour shades can go quite muddy, so you do need to be light handed and blend a lot to get a natural finish. As for the highlighter in the middle, it is very faint, and when using a brush, almost invisible. Morphe Palette Review

Morphe 9N

The colours in the palette are really pretty and using a soft touch, I can get a great result using them. However I have to be very careful to avoid picking up too much colour. The powder is quite chunky, I get a lot of fallout and they are very pigmented. Morphe Palette Review

Morphe 35K

I think this palette has such good potential, but the quality and finish is so inconsistent. If you watch my video below, I do some swatches with very varied results. Generally the shimmers have a nice finish, but the mattes can be chunky, not very pigmented and have a lot of fallout. That for me makes this quite a disappointing palette. Morphe Palette Review

Morphe 35OS

The Morphe shimmers seem to have the best formula, and this palette does not disappoint. I love the colour selection, lots of warm tones, and aa few unusual vibrant shades. I give this palette a big thumbs up. Morphe Palette Review


Overall I find the Morphe palettes to be very hit and miss, which makes me wary of buying from them again. Particularly when there are other brands out there that are have consistently good quality products. I hope you found this review helpful, don’t forget you can follow me on any of my social media platforms so you never miss my posts. SO Beauty Stuff



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