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5 Makeup Changes After Going From Blonde To Brunette

Changing your hair colour can make a massive change to your whole look. A dramatic change of going blonde to brunette (or vice versa!) can have a huge impact to the way the colouring of your skin looks. Since I took the plunge and went back to my brunette roots, I’ve really adapted the way I do my makeup. To find out my tips and tricks, keep reading!


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1. Darker Brows

This may seem like an obvious one, but your brows should be within one or two shades of your hair colour. I do like darker eyebrows with  blonde hair, so my colour hasn’t changed a huge amount. I have gone from taupe to soft brown.

2. More Bronzer

Having light hair really flattered my fair skin. Brunette hair can make me look a lot more pale. Because of this I like to bronze up more than usual to add a little more colour.

3. Heavier Blush

As a blonde I was very light handed with the blush.  The contrast of the dark hair against my fair skin takes away from the natural flush in my cheeks.  Now I apply my blush a little heavier to add more colour.

3. Colourful Eyeshadow

When I had lighter hair I liked to bring attention to my eyes by framing them with my eyeshadow. My go to look was smoked out liner in a neutral colour. My dark hair makes my eyes stand out a lot more, and I now feel I have the freedom to do whatever I like with my eyes. I’ve been having fun playing with different colours.

5. Bolder Lips

My favourite lip colour with blonde hair was any light warm nude shade, especially if I had heavy eye makeup. Now I can go as bold as I want with my lips, because it is already balanced out with my dark hair. I’m loving it!

Blonde to Brunette

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