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The Ultimate Lip Palette… Unlimited Shades, One Product!

Imagine a lip palette that has all of your favourite everyday shades. Next, imagine that lip palette has the ability to create different tones of those shades for when you want something out of the ordinary. In fact, imagine if it could also create any variation of any shade. Now stop imagining and read more about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette! If you have watched my What’s in my Freelance MUA Kit video you will know that I have been using the MAC Lip Mix in the primary colours. These are absolutely fabulous. However mixing every lip colour from scratch can be time consuming, messy and frankly wasteful of product! I have since bought various lipsticks in the more common shades and used my Lip Mix to adjust these when needed. You can understand why I was so excited when I first heard that Anastasia Beverly Hills were releasing this Lip Palette. All of the shade selections without the bulk of multiple lipstick tubes. Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Lip-Palette

What You Get

The lip palette contains 13 lipstick shades, 3 primary colours, a black and a white. It comes with a double ended tool, a lip brush one side and a spatula on the other. It also comes with a mixing palette. These tools make it very easy to whip up and apply your personalised shade. The only issue I have faced is the lip product clings to the edges of the spatula. You need to be careful to wipe it clean in between in shade selection to avoid mixing the colours within the palette. Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Lip-Palette

How to Use

All 18 lip colours can be used alone if that is how you want to wear them. However the beauty of ColorWheel_shadesthis palette is that you have all the colours you need to mix up any shade of lipstick you could want. By looking at a colour wheel we can see the array of shades you can create by mixing the Primary Colours. These can be lightened or darkened with the white and black. You can adjust the shade of the pre-mixed colours, or mix them together as well. The options are endless. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Website has released these four sets of colour mixes you can use: ABH_Lip_Brights ABH_Lip_DeepTones ABH_Lip_Muted ABH_Lip_Pastels I’ve also created a Pinterest board here with some cool colour mixes.


The consistency is dense enough that when you dip your spatula in you can easily control how much or how little product you pick up. It’s also soft enough that you can stir and mix them together very smoothly. When applying to your lips, the texture is very smooth and creamy, I would liken them to a liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is fantastic, even with the smallest amount on your brush, you can get a decent spread of colour on your lips.


Who Can Use It?

Anyone! This palette is great for anybody who wants to experiment with lip colours. I would also highly recommend this to makeup artists. Unlimited lipstick shades in one compact and neat palette; perfect! Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Lip-Palette

ABH Lip Palette

You can buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette online for USD $48, they ship worldwide for USD $17.95. Don’t forget you can subscribe to my blog or follow any of my social media so you don’t miss any of my future posts.   SO Beauty Stuff



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