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Easy Natural Glowy Makeup with Tutorial using The Balm Nude ‘Tude

Easy Natural Makeup is my go to look, and today I’m going to show you how to get this for yourself. The kind of look I mean is more glamorous than the ‘no makeup’ look. But also it is a wearable, natural look with the appearance of glowing skin. I’m going to show you some of my favourite products for achieving this look. Afterwards I will include a video tutorial which you can follow along with.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after your skin. Removing makeup every night before bed and cleansing your skin daily are a must. Regularly using face masks or a deep cleanser is also recommended. Before applying any makeup products, you should also clean and moisturise your face to prepare your skin. For more information on skincare you can read my blog post here. Easy Natural Glowy Makeup


While it isn’t strictly a primer, I highly recommend using a strobe cream. These really brighten your complexion without looking shimmery or glittery. The MAC Strobe Cream is also packed with ingredients for hydrating your skin!

Easy Natural Glowy Makeup


Foundation and concealer are personal preference, but avoid anything to matte. Personally I love the Too Faced Born this Way foundation, it gives great coverage but also looks very natural. Another favourite for this look it the Nars Sheer Glow, which you’ll see in my video below.

Easy Natural Glowy Makeup

The Balm Nude 'tude 


When it comes to a natural glowy look, shimmers are a great choice for your eyes. I’ve been loving using The Balm Nude ‘tude palette for a subtle, brightening eye look. The colour selection in the palette also allows for an easy transition from a day to a smokey eye night look. Look out for my tutorial below. I know the rule is not to use shimmers in your crease, but rules are made to be broken. You can still achieve dimension and highlight! Shimmers are also much more forgiving than mattes if you aren’t a master blender, so are great for fast application.


Mascara there are no hard and fast rules, it really is down to preference and what your eyelashes are like. To keep things natural I wouldn’t recommend false lashes. I am a huge fan of Too Faces Better Than Sex or Benefit They’re Real for lengthening my lashes without getting clumpy.

Easy Natural Glowy Makeup


Finishing powders (not to be confused with setting powders!) are such a great way to add a natural glow to your skin. I would still recommend lightly dusting a setting powder under your eyes and in your t-zone, or any other parts of your face that can get oily. What we want to avoid is looking heavy or cakey. I have been really enjoying using the Hourglass Surreal Light finishing powder (read my post on the palette here!). It adds an all over subtle glow, without the heavy finish of a highlighter.


I recommend using a warm bronzer for a natural look. You want to avoid going too heavy or too defined, and sweep some colour around your cheekbones and hairline. I have been obsessing over Hourglass Surreal Bronze Light from the same Hourglass palette above.


A great trick is to use a very subtle colour all over your cheeks, blending into your contour. This will act as a natural flushed colour. You can then apply a more bold colour to the apples of your cheeks, making sure to blend it out. Without sounding like a broken record, the Hourglass Surreal Light palette has two gorgeous blushes which will acheive that look for you. Ombre blushes are also great for this. A blush with a touch of shimmer will also really compliment this look. Easy Natural Glowy Makeup


Highlight is really important for this look, because you can really accent the high points of your face. The OTT look that’s in fashion right now won’t necessarily work with a natural look. That being said, rules are made to be broken, so do what you love! MAC Soft and Gentle was my first ever highlighter, and still one of my absolute favourites.  As the name suggests it is soft and gentle. However, if you do really want that extra strong glow, apply it with a damp brush and you will shine!


Again lipstick is really down to your colouring. I would recommend using a satin finish, or if you want to go matte you can always dust a little highlighter over the top so it’s doesn’t dull down the look.

Easy Natural Glowy Makeup


Mac Fix+ isn’t great as a setting spray, so the name is a bit misleading. What it does do, is finish your makeup look. Spritz some Fix+ liberally over your face to pack a final punch of moisture to your skin. This will ensure your makeup doesn’t get dry or cakey. If you want to add a setting spray over the top, this will increase the staying power.


This week I have two makeup tutorials for you! The first is my easy natural glow makeup. The second is more of a smokey eye, both using The Balm Nude ‘Tude palette! Enjoy!

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