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Haul Swap – Trying Makeup from Europe!

This week I am showing you a makeup haul all the way from Ireland! I have teamed up with the gorgeous Yvonne from Putting it Out There to try out some products from overseas. As followers of each others blogs, from opposite sides of the world, we each had access to brands that  the other did not. So we sent each other a little makeup haul to try out some new products. Yvonne is such a great writer and even has her own beauty column in her local paper! PuttingItOutThere is a one of a kind blog, focussing on beauty with splashings of lifestyle, all with Yvonnes straight talking edge. The haul swap is so much fun and I have had a great time. Once you have finished reading my post, please be sure to head over to Yvonnes post to read about the products I sent her.


Flormar Double Radiance Primer

Flormar is a brand that was established in Milan, then acquired in the 70’s by a Turkish family. Apparently Flormar is the Number 1 make up brand of Turkey and has a 1/4 share in the country’s coloured cosmetics market. At first I wasn’t sure how exactly this product was supposed to be worn. It’s called a primer but also a highlighter. I now use it all over my face, as a primer. On its own the finish is a bit too golden for my skin. Once I put on my foundation on top, it looks fantastic; I love how radiant and bronzed I look! Europe Makeup

CODE Forget False Lashes

Code Beautiful is an English brand, and Forget Fake Lashes is described as a Pre-Mascara Lash Plumper. It is packaged like a mascara, but has a creamy light brown formula. You brush it on, let it dry, then apply your mascara on top. I love that this product is so unique, I love the packaging and I love the cool branding. I really wanted to love the results of the product. Unfortunately, the picture on the back of the box really over sold it for me, and I didn’t notice a ‘wow’ difference. That being said, I do think my lashes appeared slightly thicker from using this, so I won’t be giving up on it just yet. Europe Makeup

Europe Makeup

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush

Wet n Wild is an LA based company, and one of those drugstore brands I always hear being raved about. They are known for amazing quality products for a bargain price ($1 USD lipsticks!!). I’m always hearing of their products being high end dupes. It is also one of those brands that’s not easy to get hold of here in NZ (shout out to LaFemmeBeauty who do stock some products for you NZ girls!). I was so excited as soon as I saw this product!

Europe Makeup

This particular shade, Apri-Cot in the Middle is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the famous Milani Luminoso. When swatching them side by side, Luminoso is slightly more pink toned. However they are close ins shade and have a very similar finish. I have also heard online that Apri-Cot in the Middle is a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach blush… I personally haven’t got Sweet Peach, but keep it in mind if you want to try it. Europe Makeup

Flawless Smoky Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

This is my favourite product from the haul of all for many reasons. Firstly, Flawless is a new Irish cosmetic brand, that according to their Facebook page, launched in November 2015. Secondly, I’m a huge fan of eyeshadow palettes. When buying for myself I can fall into the trap of going for a similar shade selection every time. What I love about this palette is there are plenty of shades I don’t have! At first glance the pans all appear quite dark, but the shade pistol really brightens things up. It’s a gorgeous shimmery silver shadow, which brings a lot of light back to any look you may be going for. Personally, I think my favourite shadow is Olive; it’s such a unique colour that I haven’t worn before. Europe Makeup Europe Makeup In my swatches below, you will see that all of the eyeshadows are pigmented and smooth. I found them all to be extremely blendable, which is ideal when going for that smokey eye look. You can see how they well applied to my lids in my video below. Europe Makeup The final reason the is my favourite product is because it also comes with four highlighters! It’s great to have such a great selection of gorgeous highlight shades. When swatching them they show up extremely pigmented.  I am happy to report that they apply fabulously to my skin; very smooth with a natural sheer glow. Europe Makeup  

First Impressions of Haul

As usual I have a YouTube video up this week where you can see my first impressions on all of these products. I’d love to see you subscribe over on my YouTube channel: Thanks so much for reading and watching, please let me know your recommendations for other products I can try from across the globe! Also if you haven’t already, please make sure you go and check out Putting It Out There for Yvonne’s blog post. SO Beauty Stuff