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Makeup Rolls | The emJ Company | Gloss/Tool Roll & Pencil Roll

I am really excited to share these makeup rolls with you. The emJ Company, founded by the gorgeous Emily-Jane, a successful makeup artist, and something of an inspiration to someone like me. Along with her mother, Emily designs kit essentials for makeup artists. These makeup tolls are designed and handmade in my homeland, England. EMJ Tool Roll

Makeup Rolls

I was lucky enough to receive the Classic Pencil Roll and the Classic Gloss/Tool Roll from Emily. While I was gifted these makeup rolls, I am not being sponsored or paid for this review and the opinions are all mine. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a makeup lover, and am currently expanding my pro MUA kit. These makeup rolls are the perfect addition and will help keep my kit organised. EMJ Tool Roll EMJ Tool Roll

The Gloss/Tool Roll

The Gloss/Tool Roll has the larger elastic loops of the two. It is the perfect size for liquid lipsticks. I also found that it could comfortably fit small face brushes and regular lipsticks.

The Classic Pencil Roll

Although the name suggests this roll is only for pencils, I love using it to hold my eye brushes. As you can see I have a variety of different brushes in there. Some of my Sigma brushes are too tall, but the Zoeva Rose Golden set fit beautifully as do a lot of my other favourite eye brushes. Each of these makeup rolls cost£20, or you can buy the set here for £35. EMJ Tool Roll EMJ Tool Roll When full, the rolls literally roll up! This makes them neatly compact for transporting around. All of your tools are secured in place by the elastic, so they won’t slide out. Made from faux leather and water resistant nylon, the makeup rolls easily wipe clean. When unrolled you can easily lay these out so you can select your lip colour or brush of choice. The ties also double as a means of hanging up your makeup roll for to save space or for display. EMJ Tool Roll EMJ Tool Roll EMJ Tool Roll

YouTube Review

I’ve also uploaded a video review on my YouTube channel and I’d love it if you’d check it out: What are your favourite makeup kit essentials? Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the sidebar, then you will never miss a post. SO Beauty Stuff