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Zoeva Blanc Fusion | Review, Swatch & Tutorial

Zoeva have a variety of beautiful palettes, but honestly, Blanc Fusion is not one that jumps out at me. I’m drawn to warm colours, and this is an overall cool palette with a generous splash of yellow. However, having worn the shadows, I can now say this is the ideal palette for me! I bought this as a gift, but thanks to slow order processing times at Christmas, I received it in January. As the occasion had passed, I kept it for myself.  I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy wearing the yellow eyeshadow.

Blanc Fusion

Blanc Fusion has very sleek packaging; slim line card housing and a clean geometric pattern. The packaging is also a very light yellow shade, which compliments the pan colours. I don’t know how Zoeva came up with the name Blanc Fusion; Blanc is french for white, but the colours are yellows and browns. Either way, it’s a unique name for a great little palette. The shadow selection is genius, the matte row can create depth and shadow for a very natural eye look. Using the top row can add a pop of colour or shimmer, making this a great day to night palette.


All of the pans swatch beautifully! The top row are all very pigmented shimmers in yellow and bronze tones. Then we have the bottom row which has five cool toned matte brown shades, ranging from light to dark. I really love the way these shadows apply to my skin, they are smooth, blendable and have great colour pay off. So if you like the yellow ombre eyeshadow look I made with this palette, then check out the video below. If you want to skip the talking/swatches to the tutorial, click through to YouTube and the minutes are in the description.   Leave me a comment down below if you have tried the Blanc Fusion palette, or if you have any other questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by putting your email address in on the right, also you can subscribe to my YouTube or follow me on social media. Thank you! SO Beauty Stuff