Get Ready With Me

My Husband Does My Voiceover Challenge

My latest makeup tutorial video had a voiceover by my husband. If you are reading this because you clicked the link on my YouTube video, welcome to my blog! I will give more details on the look I created below. This voice over challenge, or tag, has been popping up all over YouTube. I haven’t previously joined in any of the challenges, I wanted to give it a go. So Beauty Stuff is just over six months old, I have figured out what does and doesn’t work, and I am very excited with the direction I’m heading.


Recently my YouTube channel has naturally progressed from being an extra to my blog to being a co-star. This week I want to give my YouTube channel centre stage by dedicating this post to my Husband Does My Voiceover video: Let me know what you thought of this video and if there are any other challenges or tags you’d like to see me do.

Makeup Used

The makeup I used in this video are:   SO Beauty Stuff