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Oval Brushes | Are They Worth The Hype?!

Oval brushes are the ‘new kids on the block’ in makeup trends. Originally a MAC invention, the Artis collection really made Oval brushes blow up in the beauty community. With Artis’ $355USD price tag, oval brushes have been out of budget for most. Over the past year or so, affordable alternatives have been popping up all over the place. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this 10 piece Supremely Awesome Oval Makeup Brush set from Simple Glam Girls. While I did receive these brushes for free, I am not being paid or sponsored for my review. All of my thoughts and opinions are mine. If you do wish to purchase this exact set, I do have a discount code that will get you 20% off (use ‘sobeautystuff’) I will also receive a small commission from this. Please note that there are other websites that offer a very similar product for less money, so do your research before buying. Simple Glam Girls Oval Brush Set

 The Cost

You know I love to do a price breakdown! This particular set retails for USD$100 but you can use my coupon code SoBeautyStuff for a 20% discount, taking them down to USD$80. That works out at USD$8 (roughly NZD$11.30) per brush. This is in the more affordable end of the scale. You can take a look at my brush set price chart on my Morphe Brush post to see how this compares with some other popular brush sets.

Oval Brushes First Impressions

I recorded my first time using these brushes along with my initial thoughts:

 The Negatives

Surprisingly the brushes are not marked in any way to identify the brush name or the brand. I also believe I have two of brush E, and am missing either brush F or G in my set. The brush handles are a light plastic material but in the larger brushes this can feel a little flimsy. They are fine to use as long as you hold a finger behind the brush head, which feels very natural to do. Oval BrushesThe brushes feel extremely soft to the touch, although I can feel minor scratchiness at times on my face. The bristles are so densely packed any imprecision in length is noticeable. I can experience the same thing with my Real Techniques brushes, and I still love them. Simple Glam Girls Oval Brush Set

The Positives

I literally cannot fault the blending ability of these brushes, with both liquid and powder products I have a flawless finish every time. I have used them many times since my first impressions video and I cannot put them down. My favourite has got to be brush A for my foundation, it is fast and flawless. I still can’t quite get to grips with using the smaller brushes on my eyes, however, they are perfect for other precise face details. Nose contouring, highlighting cupids bow, spot concealing and smoothing out under eye concealer.

The brushes

My curiosity for oval brushes really led me to try these, half expecting them to be a gimmick. Now I am genuinely an oval brush fan, and reach for these on a daily basis. This set is proudly displayed on my vanity unit, along with my favourite brush sets. Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes
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