How to do a Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is a bold, sexy and classic makeup look. With a few basic products and my really simple steps you can easily create a smokey eye. My favourite thing about this look, is you can change this up to suit your style. Use neutral shades for a daytime look or vamp it up with a bolder wing for a night out. The possibilities are endless! To start I will show you a ‘standard’ block smokey eye. I used Kat Von D Shade & Light palette, but I only used the four middle shades, so any kind of cool toned shadow quad will work. You will need a black eyeliner, I used my Rimmel gel liner for my wing and an Estee Lauder Pure Colour pencil for my waterline/tightline, but use whatever liner you are comfortable with. Finally I used Benefit Roller Lash mascara and then applied false lashes, but again, go with your preference. Smokey Eyes  

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Now you have the ‘what with’ so now heres the ‘how to’: Smokey Eye Tutorial 1. To start with you should prime your lids, to even out your skin tone and make the colour pop. It will also help your shadow to apply smoothly and last longer. 2. Use an eyeliner or a black eyeshadow to smoke out your lash line. This doesn’t have to be neat. 3. Pack black shadow to your lid, try to keep this contained to the part of your lid that moves when you blink Smokey Eye Tutorial 4. Take a grey shade on a fluffy brush and blend out the edges of the shadow. Repeat with a neutral brown (transition shade). 5. Use a skin toned, or very light shade, to clean up the edges. 6. Apply black eyeliner to your tightline. Smokey Eye Tutorial 7. Add a wing 8. Highlight your inner corner with a very bright/shimmery shade. 9. Take a grey or dark brown shade and smudge it under your lower lash line. Smokey Eye Tutorial 10. Draw black eyeliner on your waterline 11. Add mascara to top and bottom lashes 12. Make up the rest of your face Smokey Eye Tutorial 13. Draw on your brows, this will frame your face and balance out your bold eyes 14. Add false lashes (optional!) 15. Admire your beautiful smokey eyes! If video tutorials are more your thing, you are in luck: Finally, I also made this cheat sheet you can pin or download to refer back to: Smokey Eye I hope you enjoyed this post. If this smokey eye is not dramatic enough for you, stay tuned for next weeks post, where I will turn things up a notch! SO Beauty Stuff