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Morphe Set 501 – 30 Piece Master Set

I asked on Instagram if you wanted a full review on the Morphe Set 501, 30 Piece Master brush set, and everyone said yes, so here it is! I’ll start by sharing the description and brush list from the Morphe website:
“The 30 piece Master Set is made with our professional grade brushes. Each brush features a polished chrome ferrule and matte black birch wood handle.”
  • M143 – Deluxe Soft Fan
  • M105 – Tapered Blush
  • S94 – Mini Buffer/Contour
  • M462 – Duo Powder Dome
  • M104 – Angle Blush
  • M414 – Deluxe Brow Groomer
  • M400 – Large Chisel Powder
  • M106- pointed dome
  • M439 – Deluxe Buffer
  • M460 – Flat Contour
  • M310 – Large Soft Fan
  • S3 – Deluxe Medium Foundation
  • M208 – Chisel Deluxe Fluff
  • M200-Deluxe Crease
  • M209-Chisel Pointed Fluff
  • M222-Round Crease
  • M330-Blending Crease
  • M332 – Fluffy Crease
  • M215 – Brow
  • M124 – Firm Shadow
  • M250-s-Detail Liner
  • M326 – Pro Precision Smudger
  • M221- Eyelash Definer
  • M420- Angle Shader
  • S4- Deluxe Oval Concealer
  • M113 – Taklon Square
  • S6 – Deluxe Angle Liner
  • M204-Small Red Sable Oval
  • M431 – Precision Pencil Crease
  • M416- Mini Sable Lip

Whilst there are some brushes I would definitely use less than others, overall the selection of brushes in this set is great and they cover all of your basics for a full face of makeup.
Morphe Set 501 30 Piece Master Brush Set

Price Breakdown

If you don’t have many makeup brushes and are looking to boost your collection, or you are starting as a makeup artist and you want a comprehensive range of brushes, buying a set of brushes is a good way to go, because generally the brushes work out much cheaper then if you were to buy each on separately. This Morphe brush set costs USD$149.99, (for my NZ followers, for me that worked out to be NZD$212), but how does that compare to other big brush sets from some of the popular brands out there:
Brush Set
Number of BrushesPrice for set (USD)Price per brush (USD)
Morphe Set 501
Zoeva MUA Set
Sigma Complete Kit
Sephora Collection
Spectrum Ultimate 30pc Set

(I included Spectrum brushes in this comparison because they seem to be everywhere on social media, and price per brush, they are the only set that are better value then Morphe; I have never personally tried them, nor can I find many reviews on their performance, so I cannot comment on how they would stand up quality wise to the other brands.)

By comparison, this Morphe set offers some of the best value out there. Please keep in mind, this is only really a good deal if you are going to use all of the brushes, or at least enough of them, that the saving is worth while. If you are currently doing just fine with 5 brushes, you will probably find a 30 piece set is too much, and it may be better to go with a smaller set, or invest in a couple of good quality individual brushes. Morphe Set 501 30 Piece Master Brush Set

Overall Quality

It i s really hard to do an overall summary on the quality of the brushes in this set, because I find that it is really varied; for example; my absolute favourite pick in the entire set are the M439 Deluxe Buffer; the bristles are extremely soft, it is very versatile in terms of use, and it lives up to the quality of some of my more expensive brushes.
Morphe Set 501 30 Piece Master Brush Set
My least favourite brush is the M104 Angle Blush; the bristles are scratchy and look pretty bedraggled, the black dye runs when you wash it, it sheds quite a lot, and overall it performs very average as a blush/contour brush.
Morphe Set 501 30 Piece Master Brush Set
Another issue I had was that a few of the brushes in my set did not have the name printed on them, while this does not affect the performance of the brush, it is not something I would expect from a more high-end brand like Sigma, and so I feel the small details like this let the brand down.
Morphe Set 501 30 Piece Master Brush Set

Morphe Set 501 – Brush by Brush Review

I’d say that overall there were 5 brushes that I really didn’t care for in the Morphe 501 set, probably another 5 that I really love, and the rest I like and use with no problems. If you would like to see my thoughts on each individual brush, I have done a video review on my YouTube channel you can watch here:

So, would I recommend this set? I know it seems that I have been a little up and down, but I think it would depend on what are you hoping to get out of it. For me, I am very happy with my purchase, it really suited my budget, I have a comprehensive brush set, and gorgeous brush belt, they are prefect for me to begin my MUA journey. I can replace the brushes I don’t like over time as my budget allows.

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