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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – Surreal Light

Five beautiful textured powders housed in a stylish marble case. The limited edition Hourglass palette is very attractive, but what does it offer other than aesthetics? Hourglass are a self confessed innovative beauty brand. Their website describes “Complexion products infused with groundbreaking active ingredients to create unbelievably surreal skin”. The best way to sum up their products is they ‘play with the light’. The Surreal Light palette includes a finishing powder, a bronzer, two blush and a highlight. All of the products are exclusive never before released shades.

This is not just another contour palette. The Hourglass Surreal Light palette leaves a less chiselled, natural and glowy finish.

As a makeup hoarder, this palette is unique in my collection. It’s great for those days when I’m in a hurry or want a fresh, natural look. The natural finish, is ideal for those who freak out at the idea of contouring, or dislike the ‘Kim K’ look. The palette itself is very small and compact, this makes it perfect to slip into your makeup bag. It has a large adjustable hinged mirror inside the lid, great for on the go! The clasp clips into place securely so it won’t pop open in your bag. The case feels sturdy and the matte finish won’t get fingerprints or scratches like the signature shiny Hourglass casing. This palette doesn’t come cheap, I bought it from Mecca NZ for $127 NZD! To say whether or not it is worth the price is really a matter of opinion. To give you an idea, I will use some good old fashioned maths (all prices in New Zealand Dollars):
Product Weight Price $ per G
Single Powder 10g $72 $7.20
Single Blush 4.2g $59 $14.04
Single Bronze 11g $79 $7.18
Single Highlight 4.6g $59 $12.83
Surreal Light Palette 9.6g $127 $13.23
Overall, the palette works out to be more expensive per gram then most of the individual Hourglass products. However if you were to buy all five products in full size, it would set you back a whopping $328 (and with a total of 34g of product that’s $9.65 per gram, in case you were wondering…). So if you are wanting to get value in the dollar per gram sense, then this is not a great buy. If you want the most variety of products for your spend, then this will essentially ‘save’ you a lot of money.

Here is my latest video from my YouTube channel, including a full demo of the palette:

Overall I am very happy with this palette, it gives an awesome finish that compliments most looks! It’s also convenient for travel, and looks so good on my dresser! I hope you enjoyed this review, thank you for visiting my blog, please follow and subscribe, all of my social media accounts are linked on the right. SO Beauty Stuff