Applying False Lashes For Beginners

Applying false lashes can be a daunting prospect as a beginner. It’s an awkward feeling gluing a foreign object to your eye for the first time. This guide will give you the basic know-how to master this process. I have been a makeup fanatic for a long time, after starting my journey as a makeup artist I set myself a goal. I decided I needed to learn how to apply false lashes on myself and on others. Applying False Lashes for Beginners

Choosing your lashes

There are so many lashes out there, I chose some natural sets from two NZ brands XO Beauty and Carousel Lashes. Sets are a great way to try out different styles while you get a feel for what you like. I also got some cheap sets from K-Mart and Look Sharp to practice application on others in makeup trials. Applying False Lashes for Beginners

Tools you will need

Eyelashes are usually very wide to accommodate all eye sizes, so you will need a pair of scissors to trim them. Tweezers are a lot more precise then fingers so are a great tool to help you. Eyelash curlers can help prep your natural lashes and also blend your natural and false lashes at the end. Applying False Lashes for Beginners Choosing the right glue is down to preference, do your research and make sure you find a glue that lasts well, Duo lash glue is generally rated well. Dark glue is a good way to disguise the band of the lashes. Clear glue allows for error, because it dries transparent. Latex free is, well, perfect if you have a latex allergy!

Applying false lashes

I have made a video demonstration of the application process: I hope you have found this helpful, I’d love to hear from you about your false lash journey. Leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe! SO Beauty Stuff