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Sigma Dry ‘N Shape Tower

I am a huge fan of Sigma brushes, they are a really innovative beauty brand, and outside of makeup and brushes they have some unique brush cleaning tools. The Dry ‘N Shape Tower is supposed to speed up the drying of your brushes, while shaping the bristles. So does it work? does it live up to the quality of their brushes? Do you need it? Is it just a gimmick? Those are the questions I am going to answer today.
Sigma Dry 'N Shape Tower

Sigma Dry ‘N Shape Tower

There are 3 options for the Dry ‘n Shape, you can buy the Eye tower, which holds up to 48 eye brushes, for $39USD, or the Face & Eye tower, which holds up to 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes, for $49USD. Finally you can buy both together for $69USD, and if you combine the towers, to make one giganta-tower, it can hold up to 68 brushes.

Sigma Dry 'N Shape TowerSigma Dry 'N Shape Tower


You can see how I got on with fitting all of my brushes into the tower in my video:
The negatives:
  • No good for fan brushes; or any fat handled brushes where the bristles won’t fit in an elastic
  • Not enough holders for really thin brushes
  • Not enough holders for medium brushes (too small for face brush section)
  • It can be hard to manoeuvre brushes in to the tower, especially when it starts getting more full
  • If you have a really fat brush in the rubber holder, it can be hard to fit another brush in the neighbouring holder.
The positives:
  • It’s essentially designed for Sigma brushes, so if using only Sigma brushes, then the grip sizes would be perfect…
  • … however it does allow for a lot of other brushes, even the really awkward shaped ones (yes I’m looking at you Real Techniques fattys!)
  • It feels incredibly well made from really durable materials, I was quite rough with it at times and it looks as good as new still
Overall, while it does take a lot more time and effort to put the brushes in, it does speed up the drying time. It also shapes them to look almost brand new; so it does do it exactly what it claims. It is also a really clean and practical way to store brushes while they dry. You can also easily move or tuck them out of the way.


But do you need this? Not really, unless maybe you are a makeup artist who needs their brushes dried really quickly. In conclusion, it is not a necessary, but it is a cool tool to have for you makeup fans!



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