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Becoming a Makeup Artist?

A beauty blogger becoming an MUA? It is no secret that I am a huge makeup fan, I write and make videos about makeup every week, I spend pretty much all of my disposable income on makeup and I love talking about it with others.
So it may come as no surprise to know that I cannot think of anything better than taking my hobby to the next level and becoming a professional Makeup Artist (MUA). In an ideal world I would achieve this by enrolling myself full time into a prestigious beauty school, buy my dream kit of high end makeup, head out and start advertising as a ‘qualified’ makeup artist.
Turning your dreams into a reality is rarely as simple as your ideal scenario. In real life I have a full time job, I am saving up to buy a house, and my current visa restricts me earning from a secondary income! So where does that leave me?
Becoming an MUA

My Kit

I am incredibly lucky to have a supportive husband. We agreed on a budget that we felt was right to invest in my kit. I researched a huge amount into which products where necessities, which were most versatile and which other MUAs swear by. I built the most comprehensive kit while spending the least amount of money. In the following video I show all my products and where they are from:
I am a firm believer that if you are passionate about something and you work hard at it, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. So with current visa conditions, I have around six months, to get myself ready. As well as using all available resources to perfect techniques, I am planning the logistics of freelancing alongside work. I’m also Educating myself on the income and tax side. I am going to do everything legally, researching what T&Cs I should have and getting business cards designed.

MUA Skills

Finally, and probably most importantly, I am using this time to perfect my skills as an artist. I have been spending as much time as I can making over my friends; it’s been a great way to get confident with my kit, my tools and my techniques, and to get my name out there by word of mouth.

Study breaking with @sobeautystuff 💅🏻 thanks for making me feel pretty even if I don’t understand land law!

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While I am not yet in the position to launch my MUA career, the wheels are in motion. You can follow my progress in the ‘MUA’ section of my blog. I will share before and after photos and MUA related content. I’d be keen to hear from any of my readers who are makeup artists or are looking into it.
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