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5 Ways Wearing Makeup Makes You Feel MORE Beautiful

If you don’t know already I am a huge makeup fan. I recently stumbled upon an article called “5 Ways Wearing Makeup Actually Makes You Feel LESS Beautiful“, whilst I agree with the undertone of the article that woman should accept themselves the way they are and not feel they have to look a certain way, overall I do not agree with the message this puts across. This is by no means in any disrespect to the author of the article, their views or any of their content; I enjoyed reading it, and simply want to offer an alternative perspective.
While I encourage you to read the full article, the main themes in a nutshell are that makeup stops you from accepting your uniqueness, you are trying to look like someone else, it’s vain, looking at yourself in the mirror every morning makes you criticise yourself, that makeup wearers are duped into thinking they ‘need’ to wear makeup by the makeup companies, and are too insecure to accept their flaws go without it. img_8844 Looking beautiful is very subjective, but feeling beautiful is much more about what’s on the inside. So here are my five ways makeup makes you feel MORE beautiful: 1. Me Time – Trying to love yourself in this world is hard, so is taking the time each day to dedicate to you. It’s not vain and it’s not selfish, it’s important; a lot of people get so caught up in a busy life, work, kids etc, that they don’t prioritise making time for doing what they love. It could be sitting down with a good book, knitting a scarf, going to get a massage, or whatever it is that makes you feel good. For me, it’s sitting at my dresser and doing my makeup. 2. Creative Outlet – Why should putting a paintbrush to paper be considered art, but putting a makeup brush to your skin not? Ok so I’m not a makeup artist by profession, nor do I create particularly extravagant looks, but sitting down with an eye shadow palette and creating a look each day is good fun and something I’ve got better with over time. I feel good about that. img_8843
3. Confidence – If I try something different or something bold with my makeup and I like it, then I have the confidence to wear it out. I used to always worry people would look at me and think I look silly or I’d done it wrong; but over time, I’ve simply grown more confident to simply wear my makeup how I like it, regardless of what others may think.
4. Having a Hobby – Makeup for me is not just the time I spend putting it on in the morning; I love researching and experimenting with different products, and of course this entire blog is essentially about makeup. Makeup is my hobby, trying to look ‘a certain way’ is not.
Of course companies hype up the sale of their beauty products, but this practice certainly isn’t exclusive to the makeup industry. With any hobby/interest/activity, it’s down to the individual what spectrum of participation they choose to take, from an average user, to a complete fanatic.
5. Covering Up – I get breakouts when I’m under the weather, and covering up a spot/pimple with concealer is not denying to the world that I am flawed, nor does that flaw define who I am. Just like choosing to wear my baggy jumper when it’s ‘that time’ of the month, sometimes a cover up makes me feel more comfortable to get on with my day, as if it’s not there.
Wearing makeup, to me, is no different to choosing an outfit to wear; it’s just something I put on that day. I am still me, nobody is under the impression that my eyelids naturally have gold glitter on them or that my lips are always changing colour by themselves… makeup is fun and I love wearing it. That being said, I am perfectly comfortable going makeup free, and underneath it all I am the exact same person.
This weeks video is a ‘get ready with me’ pretty golden neutral makeup look:
I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s something a bit different from me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. SO Beauty Stuff