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Bronx Colors
Bronx Colors are currently launching their brand in New Zealand, and seem to be popping up all over social media. The Swiss brand is influenced by the style of New York to stay current to beauty trends. They aim to provide professional quality makeup at an affordable price. Their products are also free from animal testing.

Bronx Colors

Bronx Colors

Before I get into this post I want to say that Bronx Colors kindly sent me these products to review, this has not swayed my opinion and I will be completely honest in my review.

(All prices in New Zealand dollars)


Bronx Colors

Large Blending Sponge – $11.99
This sponge is very dense, and did not get any bigger when made wet. I found that while it did blend well, it soaked up quite a lot and I didn’t get as much coverage from my foundation as I usually do. I did really like it for applying powder though, as it picked up a lot of product, so would be great for baking.As a huge fan of Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, I do find it really hard to find anything else that performs as well, but this sponge is adequate.Blending Sponge Applicator
I couldn’t find this on the New Zealand website, so I’m not sure how much this will retail for.I felt that this sponge worked better than the bigger sponge, the use was limited because it was attached the the handle, but the size and shape meant you could be fairly precise.


Bronx Colors
Boosting Hydrating Concealer – $9.99
I really like this concealer; I believe it is aimed at being an under eye brightening concealer, rather then for covering small blemishes, and it also comes in different colour correcting shades.

The formula was very light, applied easily and blended well. The finish was brightening and very natural on my skin, whilst offering medium coverage. I’d definitely re-buy this concealer, especially for the price, and I’d be very keen to try the colour correcting versions!

Bronx Colors Bronx Colors
Compact Powder – $14.99
This powder is very pigmented, but I had to apply it quite lightly to avoid it looking too cakey; I should mention that the shade I was sent is a little to orange for my skin tone, so I can’t be sure how this would look in the correct shade.

Initially I used the blending sponge to pack this onto my under eyes and it was way too heavy, but with a big powder brush, I could dust this over my face to set my makeup and give that little bit of extra coverage.

Bronx Colors
Bronx Colors
Intense Blush – $12.99
As the name suggests, this blush really is intense; you only need a small amount of product with a light hand. Personally the shade wasn’t quite right for me, but if this was a colour I liked then I would have been happy with the finish.

Bronx Colors
Bronx Colors
Single Click Eye Shadows – $5.99ea (Case $8.99)
The single click shadows come in 24 shades, you can buy a case which holds four colours (or two colours and a blush) essentially meaning you can create your own personalised quad for $33. There are some gorgeous neutral, sand, toffee and chestnut shades I’ve got my eye on!

The two colours I have (Air Force Blue & Burgandy) are so pretty; the burgundy is a matte shadow and the blue is a gorgeous foil shadow. Although I wouldn’t ordinarily pair these colours for an eye look, for the purposes of this post I did… So although the finished look was quite loud, you could easily come up with something a lot more wearable with a different combination of shades.

The shadows are very pigmented, they weren’t as easily blendable as some of my more high-end brands, but once I got them blended, they didn’t budge and lasted well.

Bronx Colors

Boost Up Mascara – $14.99
This mascara didn’t really work for me; despite the big brush I found it didn’t seem to grip my lashes at all, so it felt as though no product was actually being applied.

Bronx Colors

Skinny Mascara – $14.99
This brush is incredibly unique, I’ve never seen anything else like it. It’s great for getting right down to the lash line. It really grips the hairs to coat your entire lash, it’s quite a thickening formula, I found it could go clumpy if you tried to layer it, but was good for a natural look. It’s especially good for lower lashes!

Bronx Colors
Bronx Colors

Flavoured Lip Balm – $6.99
This lip balm smells delicious! I love the adorable little egg shaped pot. It’s quite pigmented for a balm and works great as a great base under a lipstick. As a moisturising lip balm this does a great job.

Bronx Colors

Just Matte Lipstick – $11.99
The Just Matte range come in 8 shades. This lipstick applied beautifully, it’s very pigmented and comfortable to wear. I wouldn’t call it matte, but it wasn’t a glossy finish.

Bronx Colors

Legendary Lipstick – $14.99
These lipsticks have such a unique case, you push a release button on top of the lid and the lipstick pops out of the bottom (skip to 3:40 in the video below for a demo). I loved the way these applied, the pigment is excellent and are so long wearing. I wore this all day and only had to touch up after eating. These feel high-end, from the packaging to the finish of the product.


Pros: In New Zealand even ‘drug store’ brands can end up costing you an arm and a leg, so the pricing is great. Some of the packaging designs are very unique to this brand.

Cons: The lipsticks don’t have any indication of the shade on them at all, so if you want to re-buy you would have to remember which one it was.

My Recommendations

My stand-out favourites are the Boosting Hydrating Concealer & Legendary Lipsticks; I’m excited to see where this brand goes and hope to see more people in NZ discovering products they love from this range!

Bronx Colors

In this picture I am wearing all of the products from the video, except for I have switched the lipstick for the Legendary Lipstick in Tea Rose.

You can currently buy Bronx Colours from their website and New World in Orewa, Auckland.

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