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My Style Evolution

When it comes to hair and makeup, I like to think I have a style that I’m happy with, but it hasn’t always been that way. Over the years beauty trends have changed and so has my taste. I thought it would be fun to take a look back through how my style has changed over the past 12 years.
Style Evolution
It used to be everyone had their awkward teenage years, but not anymore; my teenage cousins just went straight to being beautiful young women. I first started wearing makeup at school, usually an entire lid of blue or green eye shadow and a little lip gloss. I have always had redness on my cheeks, I’m not sure if it was worse here or bad picture quality paired with no foundation. I don’t think there was anything happening with my hair… 2005
Style Evolution
This was the year I went into College (High School / Year 13 / Sixth Form), I started taking a bit more interest in my appearance because there were boys around (!). I kept on wearing my eyeshadows and discovered black eyeliner. This was also when I got my trusty side fringe. Other than that, makeup was still pretty minimal, but I was lucky to have really clear skin all through my teens, so I’m glad I wasn’t clogging up my face with tonnes of unnecessary cover ups. 2006 Style Evolution
Not much changed on the makeup front, except my eyeliner got heavier. I did get my ‘edgy new haircut’ for my eighteenth birthday; it was the shortest I’d ever had it; it was alright but I hated the fringe maintenance!
Style Evolution
The eyeliner kept going strong and so did my red rosy cheeks. I was wearing blush and mascara as well, but I don’t think I saw the use in wearing anything else. I think this is also when over-plucked eyebrows were the in-thing… I decided to grow out my hair, I personally think I suit longer hair better.
2008 Style Evolution
I decided to rock a short layered hair cut again this year, I don’t think it suited me, but it was low maintenance at the time and I liked it. I also started wearing different styles instead of just down & straight. I started wearing some more natural eye shadows on nights out, and I grew my eyebrows back (phew!) and I also lost a lot of weight, so I looked pretty different in my face.
Style Evolution
Not much changed this year, I must have found a look I liked and stuck with it.
Style Evolution
I started experimenting with my eye makeup a lot more; I generally did white in the inner corner, grey on the lid and black in the outer corner, then piled on the heavy black eye liner again. It doesn’t look great, but it’s when I sparked my interest in makeup and it was the first sign of blending!
I also dyed my hair for the first time and spent around 4 months as a red head; I remember recognising that it changed the way my skin tone looked and I adjusted the makeup looks I wore, which was a pretty big step!
Style Evolution
I got engaged this year and decided I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding, so I started experimenting a bit more and getting advice at makeup counters. I ended up following advice to tone down my eye liner, which at the time I thought was weird, but now I can see it was a definite improvement. I also started doing my eyebrows for the first time; I plucked them too much in the middle so they look really far apart, but it’s progress in the right direction.
I slowly started trying to get rid of the red in my hair to go back to my natural brown for the wedding.
Style Evolution
The year I started to wear highlighter… I loved it but I didn’t get it quite right, because I look a little too shiny in all of these pictures. I was still working out how I liked my eyebrows. My daily makeup was minimal and subtle, but on special occasions I liked to do a bit more with my eye makeup.
Style Evolution
I went through a hair dye phase this year, I went red, an almost black brown and then colour stripped back to natural brunette; basically I was bored of my hair but too scared to cut it because, as you can see, it got really long. Eventually I went with a bit of blonde ombre (second picture in).
Makeup wise I think this was the year I finally got my eyebrows right!
Style Evolution
I finally bit the bullet this year and chopped off all of my long hair, but continued to rock the ombre; I’m not really in love with the shorter hair but at the time, I was so excited to have a manageable hair length!
I started wearing a full face of makeup most days, but I basically had one small bag of makeup, so my makeup was the same everyday. A simple natural look, but I was able to perfect it and work out exactly how I liked it.
Style Evolution
The ombre crept higher and higher until I was basically fully blonde.
I started to expand my makeup collection, and this was the year I got really into lipsticks. Newly blonde I loved the contrast of bright reds and pinks, especially in the summer when the rest of my makeup was quite light.
Style Evolution
Super long and super blonde hair with darker roots. I’ve since gone a little shorter and more layered because it is so thick and gets too hot an heavy. I’ve also gone a slightly warmer, more natural blonde.
I’ve really gotten into my warm neutral lips this year, and as I expand my makeup collection, I’m experimenting more and more, and my skills are developing constantly.
These four pictures take you right up to when I started the blog in April 2016. If you want to see more, check out my Instagram account.
Who knows how my beauty style will evolve over the next decade, but for now here is a makeup tutorial for a look a like today:
How has your beauty evolved over time? What style have you rocked in the past that you cringe at today?
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