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Tutorial Series: How I Do Natural Brows

I love the perfect looking ‘Instagram brow’ look, and they do look great, but for the average person, the time (and skill!) they take aren’t realistic. For my everyday look I like to add definition and volume to my brows, but I still want them to look natural, and this is how I achieve that look.
There are tonnes of products available out there, pencils, pomades, mascara style wands, and what you choose to use is all down to preference. For my look I use a brush, pomade, spooly and setting gel.How To Natural Brows I start from the bottom inner corner of my eyebrow and draw a diagonal line outwards to the top of my brow. From there I define the outline and fill in the middle. I lightly draw on the top inner corner with individual hair strokes. To make sure there are no clumps, I brush it all through with a spooly.
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