One Brand Look: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit have such cute names and packaging for all their products and sets. You can buy directly from their website, or here in New Zealand you can buy from Sephora and Smith & Caugheys. Also Benefit has just launched a whole new range of Brow Products which I can’t wait to try!
I have a very special place in my heart for Benefit Cosmetics; around five years ago I was planning my wedding and had decided I wanted to do my own makeup so went around a few makeup stands, and the Benefit counter caught my eye. I didn’t know much about makeup but I told them I wanted a ‘no makeup’ look, but it had to be flawless and look good in pictures.

They introduced me to primer (hello POREfessional!), highlighter and the entire concept of ‘doing’ my eyebrows! They also broke my habit of wearing nothing on my eyes but a thick line of eyeliner! I was no instant makeup artist, but it did ignite my passion for makeup, and I was in love with my makeup on my wedding day.

Benefit Cosmetics Wedding MakeupBenefit Cosmetics Wedding Makeup

I can’t remember all of the exact products I used on my wedding day, but they were all Benefit, and some of them I have become staple items that I continue to buy today. In recognition of this, I wanted to do an updated version of the ‘natural, flawless, glowy’ look I wore on my wedding day using only Benefit products.

I have run out of POREfessional, so I didn’t prime, but I did start with a moisturised face (thinking about it, my eye cream and face cream are both Benefit too!).

Benefit Cosmetics

Colour Correcting
I used Boi-ing concealer to colour correct my dark circles, it has great coverage and blends well using my finger.

Benefit Cosmetics

I used Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow; this is a really light weight dewy foundation which brightens up my face. I didn’t use it in this video, but I would also recommend the Hello Flawless Powder Foundation.

Benefit Cosmetics

Erase Paste Brightening Concealer does exactly what it says, it’s so creamy and easily blend-able.

Benefit CosmeticsBenefit Cosmetics

Hoola Bronzer is a bit of a cult favourite, and I’m so glad I have it in my collection. It works well as a contour or all over bronzer.

Benefit Cosmetics

I used Fine One One blusher. It’s described as a sheer brightening colour for cheeks & lips, personally this is the only product I don’t love, it’s not great as a lipstick, but it does add a cute colour to my cheeks.

Benefit Cosmetics

Watts Up! Cream Highlighter has a stick applicator on one end and a sponge on the other; the sponge is good for blending, but I stopped using it after a while because I couldn’t wash it properly. This gives me an awesome glow and was the ‘highlight’ of my wedding makeup… sorry, I had to…!

Benefit CosmeticsBenefit Cosmetics

I used Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit, this is a coloured wax and powder, and one of the products they have re-done for their new range. I love this formula, so am really excited to see how the new improved version is!

Benefit CosmeticsBenefit Cosmetics

Peek-a-Bright Eyes (I couldn’t find this on the Benefit website, but there’s a Benefit video here). This is a cute little kit, I don’t use the brushes that came with it, but I love the colours and the natural look this gives.

Benefit Cosmetics
They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara is my all time favourite mascara and probably my most re-purchased Benefit product; although I do think I’m going to have to give Roller Lash a go at some point.
Benefit Cosmetics
This was my first ever lipstick(!) and I actually never wore it except for my wedding day, afterwards I kept it as a ‘souvenir’. So the one I am applying is the same one I bought all those years ago; it’s probably past it’s use by (I removed it after recording the video!). It is a gorgeous nude pink with a satin finish, it’s called Jing-A-Ling. This lipstick feels amazing on my lips, very soft and moisturising. I don’t think Benefit sell them anymore, but I did find it on


Benefit CosmeticsBenefit Cosmetics

I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my wedding makeup and hopefully you agree my makeup skills have improved since then!

Written by sobeautystuff
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